Decluttering Service

Decluttering Service

While clutter may not appear to be affecting your day-to-day business, the reality is that, along with occupying valuable space, those items may represent cash that is needed for other, more critical business purposes.

Identify Obsolete Inventory, Tools & Parts:
3PLR will work with managers of inventory, tool cribs, warehouses, maintenance, and the shop floor, to identify obsolete inventory, tools and parts that obstruct productive work, occupy valuable facility space and create unsightly clutter.

Lean 5S / Kaizen Facilitation:
3PLR will provide a one-day training session on Lean 5S and Kaizen, and facilitate a decluttering session. 3PLR will teach you to promote Kaizen culture and end the day with tangible improvements.

Product Slotting for Better Material Flow:
3PLR will work with warehouse managers to identify high-volume items and propose the slotting method to improve efficient material flow and labor productivity.

Trash Removal:

3PLR can remove identified and approved non-hazardous production and inventory materials.

  • Recycle: We will help sort, haul and sell metals, PCs, plastics, and corrugated items for recycling. Revenue will be split, less a sort/haul fee.
  • Reuse: For the reuse of materials, 3PLR will inventory items, haul them to a donation site, and determine the donation tax deduction value. Fees for inventorying and hauling apply.
  • Hazardous/Non-Hazardous: We will haul and dump hazardous and non-hazardous items. Dump charge and hauling fee apply.

3PLR can disassemble equipment to remove reusable parts (B Parts).

3PLR can remove and destroy parts, tooling and equipment, especially in advance of disposition, to ensure that they cannot be reclaimed, reused, or resold.

3PLR can find, advertise, and sell resalable goods.

Are you overwhelmed by an ever-growing pile of clutter your business may potentially no longer need or want, but you’re either uncertain how to handle the situation or simply don’t have the time to go through it all? 3PLR provides a variety of decluttering services.

Benefits of Decluttering . . .

  • Enable more efficient work, less travel.
  • Free productive space: Value of space.
  • Increase ROA: Write-off dead inventory, tools, furniture and equipment.
  • Gain revenue from selling recyclable materials.
  • Donate to charities that can reuse items to benefit the needy
  • Take a tax deduction for donations.

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“I restructured my manufacturing & logistics team with help from 3PLRecruiters.  Kurt, in particular, was integral to rebuilding that team. He was instrumental as a trusted advisor and skilled at securing the best talent.”

—Criss Edwards, Vice President of Operations, thyssenkrupp Materials NA