About Us

From supply chain analysis to recruiting top talent, the consultants at 3PLR are your logistics experts. We are Experienced Logistics Professionals.

Consulting and recruiting come together at 3PLR to create a perfect pairing to best benefit our customers. Working with shippers and third-party logistics (3PL) businesses of all sizes and organizational structures, 3PLR not only provides assistance with identifying personnel needs and recruiting quality candidates, but also a wide range of consulting services.

Our first-hand knowledge and experience have made us experts in consulting and recruiting.

3PLResources, the consulting side of 3PLR, works directly with companies to provide solutions for common challenges faced by 3PLs and shippers. We offer a variety of strategic initiatives, transportation efficiency and warehouse productivity consulting services.

Our consultants are experienced professionals who have worked in the logistics industry and understand its unique challenges and demands. We will work with businesses to assess, strategize and transform their logistics operations for higher performance, cost savings and profitability.

The rapidly growing 3PL industry requires a steady supply of experts in transportation, warehousing, import/export, packaging, assembly, continuous improvement, business-to-business sales and marketing.

For years, Armstrong & Associates, Inc., the recognized leader in 3PL market research and strategic consulting, worked with 3PLs to find experienced executives, sales leaders and senior operations managers. To formalize its executive recruitment service offering, 3PLRecruiters, an affiliate of Armstrong & Associates, was established.

3PLRecruiters is a specialized recruiter that focuses solely on the logistics industry. Our recruiters are more than just your average headhunters – they are experienced in and knowledgeable about the logistics industry and understand its specific personnel demands.