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Logistics Professionals Recruiting . . . Logistics Professionals

Whether you’re a logistics professional seeking new employment or a company looking to hire or expand logistics operations, we can help! 3PLR only recruits qualified professionals with experience in the logistics field. We will work with your business as a consultant to help identify your personnel needs and fill open positions.

We do the work of deciding whose skills and experience make them qualified for the position so that you can determine which individual is the best fit for your company. After working with you to develop a job description that clearly defines your goals and the job requirements and responsibilities, 3PLR sources candidates from our extensive network of 27,000 logistics professionals.

Our staff of logistics experts evaluates resumes and interviews potential candidates, identifying the critical few individuals who are best for the job. We then facilitate the interviewing and hiring process by managing your interviews with the candidates and any necessary testing that must be completed, as well as contract negotiations.

3PLRecruiters focuses on the third-party logistics (3PL) industry. We have an extensive industry contact network of both highly qualified logistics professionals and successful companies looking to hire.

“3PLR has done a good job of finding us manager-level people. We have a difficult time at that level, and it’s easier to use a recruiter who has a better pool of people. Your network and ability to get resumes from a large pool of candidates nationwide, along with your database of people, makes using your recruiting by far the way to go. 3PLR understands the business and is able to prescreen candidates and eliminate those that really are not a fit. We really appreciate the recruiters at 3PLR. They don’t give up until we get the right person.”
Bill Kamper, Regional Operations Manager, thyssenkrupp Materials NA, Copper and Brass Sales