Logistics Outsourcing

Logistics Outsourcing:

This service provides clients with support through all phases of logistics outsourcing for transportation and warehousing. Initially, we help with the outsourcing decision to define the net cost and quality advantages. Our network of 3PL service providers is extensive. We know the leaders and their capabilities. With a decision to move forward, we can support selection, negotiation, planning and integration. To ensure that benefits are realized, we offer support to define performance metrics and measurement systems.

As the trend toward logistics outsourcing continues, the breadth of services and technical capabilities offered by 3PLs continues to expand. Determining the strategic fit and cost benefit of outsourcing is the first challenge, followed by the effort to choose the right provider and negotiate robust contract terms.

Clients typically use this service to answer the following questions:

  • Are transportation and warehousing our best use of capital and human resources?
  • Should we use third-parties logistics service providers (3PLs) for geographic business expansion?
  • Can we leverage their supply chain systems and technology to avoid investment?
  • Which 3PL is the best fit for our business requirements?
  • Are our 3PL service providers delivering on expectations in terms of cost and performance?