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Services by Objective

While clients generally know the functional areas within supply chain where improvement is needed, projects are typically defined by their objectives. These objectives are not mutually exclusive. But, it is important to define the objectives within the project scope, and define our approach and focus before we get started.

Performance Improvement:
Our approach is from a systems dynamics perspective, using appropriate tools and techniques to find weak points in processes, organization, and execution. It is important to identify key metrics, criteria, and baseline performance. While a cost savings may follow this process of re-engineering and better use of resources, we are ultimately seeking improvements in customer delivery quality and efficiency.

Cost Reduction:
Cost reduction opportunities stem from a myriad of sources; such as efficient processes, logistics networks, sourcing, facility layout, and use of technology. Our expertise lies in knowing where to look and the ability to define operational gap analysis in terms of opportunity costs, and to find practical solutions to bridge the gaps. This skill is gained through experience and the ability to apply innovative ideas to your business.

Business Plan:
A business plan needs to align with corporate strategy, establish feasible objectives, and provide a valid business case to justify investment of capital and resources. We have helped a number of companies to develop business plans for start-ups, as well as fine-tuning existing plans. We dive into the details of operations, facilities and equipment, staffing, markets, competitive intelligence, and sales promotion, especially to validate financial projections. We help clients to create a business plan that will take your company to the next level.

Acquisition Integration:
Acquisitions present a complex set of design and implementation requirements to merge structures, resources, and systems. We assist clients with the search for suitable target businesses and with operational due diligence to truly understand and justify investments. We also help them to create and execute feasible plans to integrate supply chains for acquired businesses. With thorough planning and well-executed plans, we help the client to realize the expected synergies.

Logistics Outsourcing:
We approach this project focus from a make/buy perspective to determine the net benefit of outsourcing, facilitate the effort to find capable service providers, support contract negotiation, and integrate internal processes with outside services. We know the outsourcing process. We know the key players in the 3PL market. Further, we know how to integrate and control them to realize the expected competitive benefits.

Staff Augmentation:
Business evolution affects processes, technology and, inevitably, organization structure and people. 3PLRecruiters was established to provide a necessary service to help clients fill resource gaps through permanent placement of people with the right skills and Supply Chain experience. We help clients find the right people with the right skills and experience that will fit into your company culture and become a critical asset to your business.

3PLR offers a variety of recruiting and consulting services for businesses of all sizes and organizational structures. We offer support in evaluating your company’s organization structure and aligning skill sets with company growth plans as well as providing quality job candidates.