Supply Chain Audit & Strategy

Optimize Your Supply Chain Strategy to Better Serve Your Customers and Your Company

This service is intended for executives who value an outside perspective on their supply chain performance and want to adopt leading industry practices. Our process begins with an evaluation of the client’s corporate strategy, supply chain operations, and customer requirements. We seek to find disconnects that inhibit service delivery, revenue growth, and profitability. Finally, recommendations are provided to align supply chain operations and priorities to serve corporate objectives and customer needs. Our analysis may include benchmarking on asset and margin management effectiveness.

It is worth noting that all supply chain design and business planning projects begin with an assessment of current operations and strategy, which is reflected in our case studies.

Corporate strategy establishes your mission and financial objectives. Supply chain strategy defines the means for delivering on them, pulling materials and logistics resources together to profitably serve the customer.

Clients typically use this service to answer the following questions:

  • Do we understand the causes of declining net sales and/or rising supply chain costs?
  • Do our supply chain operations effectively serve our corporate objectives and customer needs?
  • How can we operate more effectively across departments, divisions and business units?
  • Do our metrics drive the right behavior within the organization, with key suppliers and major customers?
  • How can we improve our performance through customer and supplier collaboration?
  • Should we differentiate service levels based on product line and customer type?
  • How can we make supply chain a source of competitive differentiation?