Transportation Efficiency

A challenge like rising transportation costs can have many different causes and various solutions. 3PLR will help discover the causes and solutions.

Cost management and efficient product delivery are frequent concerns for many businesses. However, the same challenge can have a different root cause for each business or industry. With our transportation efficiency consulting programs, we dive deep to discover the root of the problem and then offer excellent solutions based on our industry knowledge, and current technology and best practices.

  • Transportation Cost Control & Planning – Often the source of high transportation cost is not a direct result of carrier rates. Instead, this service looks at ways to improve current transportation planning to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Carrier Procurement & Management – When businesses are looking to begin using a carrier or switch carriers, we offer strategic guidance based on our knowledge of great carriers in the industry and the needs of the company.
  • TMS Evaluation & Selection – We assess the effectiveness of a company’s current TMS and, when necessary, offer suggestions for updated or new TMS tools.
  • Transportation Program Setup – When companies have been applying transportation management tools but have yet to implement a full system, 3PLR consultants advise clients on finding and using a new TMS program.